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I have been training for the public for over 10 years now. The longer I have been breaking colts and tuning finished horses the stronger I feel about having one real broke before going on the pattern. I feel they need to be able to break at the poll; walk, trot, lope on a loose rein as well as knowing their leads inside and out. I want them moving off leg and rein pressure and knowing how to use their body. There are a lot of barrel horses out there that start tipping barrels or making simple positioning mistakes when that can be easily corrected if your horse is broke and you can put it where you want, when you want.

I feel that not only do performance horses need worked in the arena environment but out on the trails and on cattle as well.  We have 1200 acres that we spend a lot of time getting them broke on as well as keeping the more seasoned barrel horses minds fresh and cool.

Price: $600/month

Includes: Hay, board and care. Also includes updated Videos of your horses progress. Vet and Farrier expenses are the responsibility of the owner but can arrange to have it done in my care.

We also use our Respond System Blanket & Laser as well as our EQUSports Massager & Ice Horse Cold Therapy Machine on our training horses!
Options: Depending on the level of the horse (whether its a colt just here to get broke or a finished barrel horse for tuning/conditioning) I can haul it to the rodeos and barrel races for exposure.

Please contact Chelsea for more details at: or 580-704-7578

I bought Cash as a green broke 5 year old who was just gelded ... I did all the training and patterning on him. Check out his page to see pictures and videos and all of his accomplishments!
He has won almost $5000 in his short career so far.
Barrel Horse News magazine wrote an article about Chelsea and Cash in the November 2010 Issue.

She came to us as an unbroke 3 year old who had never had her feet done or anything. Here are videos of her 15th & 16th Rides.
UPDATE: 2/20/13 - Freedom has been used here on the ranch to check fences add move cattle. She is also loping a very nice pattern!
Perks Lucky Legacy

I bought this filly at 30 days old in Oregon. I broke this mare as a 2 year old lightly after doing all the ground work, etc. I hauled her and rode her lightly her 3 and 4 year old years. Dale Harraway put 20 rides on her spring of her 5 year old year when we were busy putting up our new fence after moving to Oklahoma. I patterned her on the barrels after coming back and think she has a real bright future.

 Fool My Rockin Jetta - Owned by Kasey Watson
I put 30 days on this super nice unbroke 2 year old filly. Here is a video of her after 10 rides.

 Dashin Lil Lena - Owned by the Grothe's

Lena was sent to Chelsea for 60 days in the fall of 2010. She was incredibly smart and fit in Chelsea's program real well :) She left loping nice circles, broke in the face, bend and flex both ways, whoa and back, was hauled to a few rodeos and was ridden on several trail rides. She stands tied and loads and unloads. Here is a video of her about 45 days into it.
VF Moonfire Colt

 I put 30 days on JD for Sabrina Miller and he was such a fun colt to start. He left walk, trot, loping circles both ways, whoa, back and breaking at the poll. He had a great start going and Sabrina has since then patterned him and got him going on the barrels!
6 year old Frenchmans Guy grand daughter 

She came for 30 days and was started on the barrels.
 On The Muscle Red
I spent 10 days sale prepping and adding speed to this own son of On The Money Red.
 Only a Lexus Loper
Put the first few rides on him
Smoke N Freckles Cat
Put the First 30 days on him
 Flits Buggin A Bully
Put the first 15 rides on her before selling her

Wallys Twisted Chick

She came to us me an unbroke 3 year old; she had had her feet done and been tied but didn't load or unload in the trailer, never had a bath, etc. I put 60 days riding time on her; did arena and trail work with her, she knew her leads very well and was starting to move off legs. She stood tied for however long asked, loved getting baths and loaded in the trailer without a fuss; backs out also! We trail rode her a bunch and hauled her with us to some camping/overnight trail rides as well as took her to a friends "cow pasture" and rode on the cow trails. If any of you dont know what those are --- theyre about 2 foot wide, straight up and down, curve around trees, over logs, etc etc. She got really broke and always tried hard to please. We want to wish Julie the best of luck with her!