Runnin C Performance Horses

Ride with Pride


August 13-15

NBHA State Finals - Took Cash, Perks, Freedom and Flit Thursday to open riding - was the fillies first time riding in an indoor and they both did great; Flit stood tied to the trailer by herself like a pro and Cash rode as usual; spunky :)

1st go - Cash and I ran our normal fast time of a 15.045 but tipped 2nd barrel.

2nd Go - Cash ran in and beat our personal fastest time with a 14.948 and won 6th in the 2D. Bringing home $160 and a bucket full of prizes.

Short Go - Cash ran in there and SMOKED a 14.583 - winning 4th in the 1D out of 300 Entries; behind Mesa Leavitt, Jordon Talbot and Darcie Hoffman! We are ecstatic! He added another $327 to his total earnings and a super nice bronc halter!

July 17

Took Cash, Perks and Freedom to the NBHA at Tipton, IA to just do slow exhibitions on Cash and ride Perks and Freedom around in the arena for experience - all went well. I ran Cash at the IRCA rodeo that night in Tipton and he stumbled pretty bad going to first... almost hit the cement wall and fence, he slammed all of my weight and his weight on that front right leg so we wouldnt hit the wall and he hyper extended his knee. He got up and I pulled up but he wanted to keep going to I let him go and just sat there quiet and he ended up still running the 6th fastest time of the rodeo. I am so lucky to have a horse with such a big heart. Went to the vet and there are no chips or anything serious with his knee but we had him on stall rest the whole next week and he is now sound just waiting for the swelling to go down. Such a good boy.

July 10 - 11

Took Cash to the Big J Barrel Blast in Waterloo, Iowa and had a very good weekend. Saturday we had a great run going and my rein flipped over his head at the 2nd barrel and we ran the rest of the pattern with both reins on one side! He did great! We were sitting 3rd in the 2D until the last 5 riders when Mesa Leavitt bumped up the fast time and then we were knocked down to just out of the 2D Money -- but I was very happy with his run! :)

Sunday he had ground trouble leaving third and still clocked 2 tenths faster. He ended up running the 16th fastest of the day and was just out of the 2D money again!