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May 16-17, 2009

Took Jack, Pippy and Cash to the District 5/District 3 NBHA Barrel race in Iowa City, IA at Dahlens. On Saturday I tipped 2nd on Dashin For Freedom, tipped 2nd on Double Galatea also - I loped home and was still top of the 3D, Black Jack Ante had GREAT barrels but we just didnt fire and run between for some reason - we did win the 3D for points in my district with the run though!

I also breezed Double Galatea through Saturday to get the feel of her.

Sunday I ran Double Galatea and BARELY pulled over the 1st leaving it - but she was 9th in the 1D out of 115 riders! Was very happy with her!

Black Jack Ante won me a check in the 2D (5th) and did pretty well -  still had some hesitation on the 2nd, but ran hard to the first! 18th fastest time out of 115 Riders

Dashin For Freedom high loped top of the 3D and got me some more District points! I am SO Happy with how hes coming along! 8th show of his life!

May 8-10, 2009

Well Friday morning my Travel N Corral portable stall panels came into Illinois so we took off to go pick them up for the Sherburn, Minnesota Barrel Bash that weekend -- they worked out WONDERFUL!

I entered Dashin For Freedom friday night into the barrel bash.... being his 5th show and all it was a big step up for him and I both. He worked beautifully. He tried so hard - ran in there hard and just ate up his first barrel and took off for second. I didnt get him driven deep enough and we barely tipped on the backside and caused us to have a bobble and come out wide - we proceeded on and smoked our third barrel and ran home - ended up only being a second and a half off the winning time of the whole barrel bash!! I was very impressed with him - he has so much talent! So he ended up with a 15.6. It was pouring down rain there so he was soaking wet when I went to get him and get him warmed up - and there is NO warm up area there.

So Saturday I run Jack and have a GREAT run of 14.9 - he had the BEST barrels but I didnt hustle him between as much as I should have. But he still clocked top of the 3D loping! LOL I was very happy with him... it was stressful running them without loping circles and really getting them warmed up - so we just did a lot of long trotting and he was fine :)

I then go get Pippy... kind of got her out a little early and we were up watching the runs in the arena walking and walking because she was nervous to stand - this is probably her 21st time away from home as well! She hasnt been hauled a whole lot. Anyways... I take her in there and she eats up her first... Head to second and has a good barrel - we kind of bowed off of it and wasted some time but she went and ate her third and ran out hard. She STILL Clocked a 14.2!!!!! Was the 20th Fastest time of the Whole Barrel Bash Saturday with our bobble on 2nd and with no pushing! ( 227 Entries ) The mare can just fly!! I was soooooooooooo happy with her.... excitedly wanted to watch the video --- well my play and delete button are right next to each other and I DELETED the stupid thing before I even got to watch it! I was devestated!!! So I decided we're just going to have to make some more smoking runs :)

188 Sunday, 227 Saturday, 198 Friday = 613 Entries - Pippy and I had the 40th fastest time of the WHOLE 3 day weekend barrel bash with our run Saturday!

Heres a warm up video of her -- just picture this 4 seconds faster! LOL

Sunday I ran Pippy and we came in and took off towards the second and threw the run off - after our long detour to the first barrel and turned it I was flustered and didnt get her over and driven deep enough and we tipped second - completely stopped then proceeded to turn the third. We still had a 15.3 - only a second and a half off with all of that! We're getting there! :)

I ran Jack and we had really good barrels again ... we kind of went deep to the second and took a little longer to get around it but he had good barrels. :) He had a 15.1 and didnt push him between very well - we'll get there. Getting our confidence up :)

Then for fun we stopped at a jackpot in Albert Lea, MN on the way home and took Jack through the poles... he was ready to go home; as was I and we havent done the poles in about a year... so we missed our first pole Lol but he did GREAT after that and still got 6th with our HUGE detour :)

I took Cash through the barrels and he thought he was at the NFR running to that first barrel!!! Lol! He did GREAT and handled the wet ground wonderful.... didnt have any warm ups or anything and was a new arena - kind of got lost after first and was a little crazy so we just slowed down and did it correct. This horse has so much talent - can't wait to finish him :)

May 2-3, 2009

Gave Pippy and Jack the week off after BBR Finals and decided to take my colt, Cash, to the NBHA 3-District Show at Marshalltown and play around on him... he's only seen the barrels 3 times in the last 8 months and this was his 4th show of his LIFE. So I wasnt expecting much - just expecting a "colt" - spooky, nervous, silly, etc. Well.... My colt is just coming along great. He handled it all like a Champ. I was so proud of him. We loped to the first and second and had no issues and high loped the rest and was in the 2D out of 152 Entries!! Julie Meyer (7th in the WPRA standings) Tony Meinsma, Tracy Milota, Jordan Talbot and Sammy Vorhies all entered along with several other NICE horses.

Our second run we still kinda loped in there but went a tad faster.... the ground wasnt the best and several horses had fallen..... he ate the first up and as he was leaving it his back end sliipped out and he rolled to the inside to catch himself..... right into the barrel - so we tipped but he didnt fall -- really proving how sure footed he is. We ran the rest of the pattern and ended up IMPROVING even with the slip from the first day. I was just tickled Pink with how GREAT he worked! Handled it all like a champion! :)

April 22-26, 2009

Took Pippy and Jack to the BBR World Finals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They both did great! The first go they both did wonderful and clocked great! The first barrel was tricky all week but everybody struggled with them. Second round Jack and I tipped and Pippy's saddle almost fell off around the third barrel and on the way home! We were .04 seconds out of making the short go!!

April 18, 2009

Took Cash to the barrel clinic and asked him for the first time to RUN a little!!! Need to work on pushing him BY the barrels but he is doing GREAT!!

April 12, 2009

Took Jack and Pippy to the barrel race. Both Clocked Great! Barely tipped on Jack. Both their first time entered in 6-7 months!! So proud of them!!

March 21, 2009

Took Jack, Pippy and Cash to a small little jackpot. I took Jack and Pippy through the barrels for their first time in 5 months and they both did great!

January 9-21, 2009

Dustin and I went down to Oklahoma City to watch the Heritage Place Horse Sale and got to see a lot of great horses sell...

We then went to the International Finals Rodeo and watched our home state cowgirl, Mesa Leavitt, win the title again as well as watch Myle Ratchford (Pippy's previous rider) run. They both did very well at the IFR.

We also went down to Kendal Owens ranch and watched her work some barrel horses....

We also spent several days at Nicole Torturo (3drum)'s  place in Norman.

We went and saw Dash For Perks, Invitation Only, Fly Jess Fly, and other great stallions at the Oklahoma Stud farm.

We went to the Lady Bug Stallion station and looked at some Dash For Perks' prospects also... then headed to Texoma Quarter horses and saw Rare Bar and Perks Alive.

We also got to meet Jud Little and tour his ranch... and pet all of his stallions. That sure was a blast!!

We also went down to Fort Worth stock yards in Texas and picked up Quila Jo's new little sister...Camoflauge!!! Woo hoo! We had such a great trip and had a fun time staying in the hotel suite!

Oh and forgot to mention... we helped some board buddies off the forum get two 3 month old doberman pups from Iowa to Oklahoma... so we lugged them all around with us to get them down South - they sure were a blast! :)