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Billy Bunion

Bully Bullion x Double Galatea x Dashing Cleat

April 26th after BBR Finals in OKC I took Pippy to Belle Mere farm as she was in heat all week. They only collect Bully Mon-Wed-Fri so we waited til Monday morning to check Pippy and she had already ovulated and we missed her! If I would have taken her Friday she probably would have been bred and taken darn it.

So I wait til she comes in again and tried shipped semen. Pippy did all she was supposed to but the semen quality just wasn't good enough and she didnt take.

June 2

I already had Fast Freedom down at Oklahoma Stud in Purcell that I had to go get... we short cycled Pippy and timed it so we hauled her down to be bred in Norman while we had to go pick up Freedom. We bred her Wednesday morning, Thursday hadn't ovulated yet... by Friday morning she had ovulated and was ready to go home after being bred just one time. It was very hot so I waited until Friday night to leave and drove all thru the night to get my two mares home while it was cool. Its a 700 mile drive!

June 30  -  Here she is at 28 days pregnant!

September 5  -  3 months pregnant

October 10  -  4 months 1 week pregnant

October 29  -  Almost 5 months pregnant

December 7  -  6 months pregnant

December 12

December 16  -  6.5 months pregnant

December 24

January 4  -  7 months

January 6

January 28 - 8 months

February 2

February 14 - 8.5 months

February 25

March 5 - 9 months