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What clients have to say about our Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups

  I have used Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups for years. I absolutely love them and have them on every single saddle I own!!! They help with all my aches and pains and take the pressure off my knees. I don't loose stirrups in a run, when balance is critical and everything must be on point! Kroes Feet never let me down and keep me looking great too, how do you beat that?!?!? The only way to go in my opinion!!!! - Jackie Jatzlau


Sophie Palmore loves her Kroes Feet Stirrups. She has them on all her saddles. They take the pressure off her knees and keep her feet from going through the stirrups. Best things EVER! Highly recommend!!!!! - Samantha Palmer

When I would go trail riding or roping my lower back and knees would get sore and since I have had mine it has made riding more enjoyable and pain free. My horse decided he was hot and laid down and tried to roll bending my stirup. Told Calvin and Chelsea and they fixed it back to brand new shape. My family has 4 sets and we all love them - Jody Niehaus

Bought my 1st pair a few years ago and the pressure relief on my knees and ankles is amazing that I had to buy a 2nd set for both saddles! Gymnastics growing up killed my ankles and I would gimp after long rides/shows. These stirrups have brought my longevity back! My husband and mother in law rode in my saddles and instantly fell in love with how the stirrups fit them and how great they felt after long trail rides with no knee pain. I recommend them to EVERYONE! - Kayla Wallis

I have a pair...had them for about 2 years or more now!! Love them! MY knees love them. And now my Boarder has borrowed them and she is in love!! I have recommended them to a few people and would buy another pair in a heart beat!! - April E Collins

I absolutely love my Kroes feet. They really take the torque off my knees and even my hip. I took many years off while I was raising my kids, and with these I've never lost a stirupp in a run. These give me one less thing to worry about when I leave the alley. Lol. It would be great to win a pair to go on my other saddle. - Chasity Olson

ABSOLUTELY LOVE my Kroes Feet stirrups!! I used to have issues with knee pain and constantly loosing stirrups in barrel runs, since buying my stirrups I haven't had either of those issues! - Stephanie Stout

Love my kroes feet!!! They are so comfortable and relieve pressure off of my knees/ankles when riding. Best money ever spent! Can't wait to get another pair. - Salena Kelly

I love my Kroes feet stirrups! At first I was a little skeptic if I would like them or not but after using them more they are my favorite now! I have knee problems and these stirrups have really helped!  -Montana Webb 

After dislocating my knee riding caused lots of pain in my knee. I ordered my Kroes Feet Stirrups and now I can ride for hours!! I would love another pair! -Melissa Rose

We love our kroes feet! My husband couldn't ride more than 30 minutes without his knees hurting, now he can ride all day!! - Ashley Sims

Absolutely love my Kroes feet stirrups I won't ride anything else ever!!! I have a bone spur on my heel and it takes the pressure off makes you sit completely comfortable and natural in your saddle for a longer and enjoyable ride!!!! I never loose my stirrups while running anymore either!!! Not to mention Calvin and Chelsea will work with you to make them look awesome and stylish and personalize them just for you!!!! - Sarah Nuckolls

We have had these for about 3 years. We LOVE them. They take the pressure off your knee and are easy to get your foot in and out. We currently have 3 pair but need 2 more for the boys' saddles. We will be ordering more in the future!! - Nikki Van Otegham

Mine are fantastic on my cutters/sorters. They help alleviate the pain in my knees associated with sports injuries in high school. Trail riding is a breeze in them as well. - Crystal Henson

My son has a pair and he absolutely loves them! Wont use anything else, its the first thing he switches out when he changes saddles. I actually tried to steal them from him and he put a stop to that right away. Would love to have a pair of my own! - Megan Storey

I got these this past spring and rode in them all summer. I absolutely love them. Normally after riding for a short time my knees hurt so bad I have a hard time walking for a couple days. I can ride all day long in these and do not have any aches or pain during or after. I also never lose a stirrup when running barrels either. Plus I love the personalized touch that can be added. I love having my dad's brand on them, it keeps him with me!! Shared the post!! - Tanya Woolery

Zero torque on my knee or ankle. I had to quit riding professionally because of tendinitis and bursitis and was completely devastated. Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups allowed me to come back to riding pain free and continue to enjoy my passion. - Vanessa York

 I have them on all my saddles ♡ them, I've had a bad knee injury and a broken back... I walk normal n pain free when I get off, because my body is in line when riding ... when I get on other people's horses with regular Stirrups I'm fighting where to place my feet and I always get off and show them my Kroes feet and have them ride in mine!!! - Dionne Fett

We have four pair for our family and really love them! They really help with the knee pain I experienced when riding. - Tanya Sparrowgrove

Absolutely love my Kroes Feet Stirrups. I use them on my saddle that I ride all my colts in. They make it so much more comfortable to ride all day. - Janae Massey

These are my beautiful stirrups. I had heard how wonderful they were and decided to buy 2 sets with my brand. An older friend of mine who trail rides all the time (like crazy all day rides LOL) had said at church she was going to have to quit riding because of her hip and knee pain (she asked for prayers as this is her life enjoyment) I told her i would bring her a set of my Kroes feet stirrups on the next Sunday to try. Well... I get an overly excited call from Sandra as it seems she went on a 5 hour ride after church AND NO PAIN! She asked to use them on a camping trip the next weekend AND AGAIN she was all excited she had NO PAIN. She was a drill team rider MANY MANY years and is one who puts in a ton of saddle time. The next time i saw her the whole conversation was about ordering her own set! We have ordered them but i have let her keep mine until they get here. Kroes feet stirrups just showed my friend that pain would not end her passion of riding! Kroes Feet Stirrups were an answer to her prayers!! If they help an older lady keep riding imagine how they will help the young stay fit without extra wear on their bodies! I hope the new shipment comes in soon so I can get my stirrups back  until then I am thankful and happy for my friend! I guess I need to get another "loaner set" !! - Betty Jo Woodling

Can't say enough about my Kroes Feet! They have helped me get my riding confidence back after two accidents. I injured a major tendon in my left foot and a month later injured my back again, three compressed discs and two herniated. Also have bad knees from sports in high school. I dreaded riding after those accidents because of the pain. Now I can ride pain free everyday and feel confident when I make a run! Thank you for making such a great stirrup.  - La Nae Drozd

I bought mine right after I started back riding after having my second child was born. I was on strict hospital most of the time best rest from 19 to 40 weeks. It had become uncomfortable to ride due to hip, knee and lower back pain. was determined to push through the pain if needed to keep riding, even if I couldn't walk after wards. It was devastating that the one thing that I enjoyed as ME time had become the one thing that was nearly impossible for me to recover from. I had read up on Kroes Feet several years ago and had never taken the leap, so I decided to give them a try and they are everything they are said to be plus some! I really couldn't have gotten back into riding shape with out the help of these stirrups. I am very grateful for them and would LOVE another set! - Erin Morgan

I have "bad knees" and long rides always resulted in pain for days. Since I got Kroes stirrups I ride completely pain free now! Absolutely love them! - Kimberly Ann

I love my Kroes stirrups!! I always had knee pain when riding for a long amount of time and would lose my stirrups during runs. Now I ride for hours with no pain and never lose a stirrup. Would love a pair on all my saddles!! - Brandi Force

I wasn't riding much because i have fibromylgia and my legs always hurt in regular stirrups so my daughter ordered me a pair.
I am happy to report that i am not only back to riding but am enjoying it so much because of these stirrups, i am going to do gymkhana this year with my grandson's.

I would recommend these stirrups to anyone!! - Laura Grimaud

 I cant say enough good things about these stirrups! They not only help relieve pressure on your ankles and knees, they are really comfortable and keep your feet in your stirrup the whole run! I love my Kroes feet and would love another pair to put on my new saddle! - Macayla L

I have a pair that came with a pozzi I bought (crazy they kept them on there lol) and I love them! They were weird at first because I wasn't used to them one I love them! I don't use rubber bands or anything when running barrels, and I've just found it easier to keep balanced because they feel more natural! Love them! - Shayley Adcock

We love our kroes feet! I rode for a week in the black hills this summer logging 15-25 miles a day, not once did I have my usual knee or ankle pain! - Hannah Kuechle

I LOVE my Kroes Feet Stirrups!!! I have long legs and like to ride with my Stirrups shorter to keep me forward and that was putting so much pressure on my knees. Since I got my Kroes Feet, I have had no pain in my knees! They are definitely worth buying and so comfortable to ride in! Chelsea and her husband asked me how I wanted them designed and it blew me away! - Jess Chesmore

Love my Kroes Feet stirrups! Wouldn't ride without them. I have 3 pair and have given them as gifts also!!!!!! - Katy Holloway

ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY KROES FEET stirrups. Been riding with them for 3 years now and haven't lost a stirrup since I got them...and I don't use rubber bands. These are the best stirrups ever!!!! - Kathy Cribs

Love my Kroes Feet stirrups!! Whether I am barrel racing or trail riding my knees and ankles do not get sore anymore!! I recommend these to everyone! - Taryn Stahl

Love my Kroes feet stirrups 😍. I never lose a stirrup during a run and riding doesn't make my knee sore. - Heather Hublou

We love our stirrups! I used to have issues with my feet coming out of the stirrups during barrel runs. I've had these three races so far and haven't lost my stirrups yet! They are extremely comfortable and help my knees and ankles. - Rebecca Pype

I hauled mine out to South Dakota in September for a 9 day trail ride. I mainly used them barrel racing but figured long days in the saddle called for som stirrups that wouldn't leave my ankles and knees sore at the end of the day. I have had two severe sprains to my right ankle that twisted tendons and the bone. After riding 9 hours with Kroes Feet I still wasn't hurting like I do with normal stirrups. Can't wait to get more to put on all my saddles!! - Chloe Wright

Hands down the best stirrups on the market! Totally eliminates knee pain from excessive riding. You will not be sorry you purchased a set! We have a set on nearly every saddle we own. Worth every penny! - Lindsey Brown

I was having trouble with my feet going to sleep while riding after about 20 minutes and my knees were always feeling strained. Bought a pair of KROES FEET customized in purple of course and my brand. My feet no longer go to sleep and my knees don't have the stressed and strained feeling. - Susan Sexton

Kamryn loves her Kroes Feet stirrups!!! No more losing a stirrup during barrels and poles and also queen run ins!!! Would love another pair!!! - Courtney Wyatt

First show season using my kroes and I LOVE THEM.
What a difference a stirrup can make!! I would love to own several pair for each saddle - Cheryl Vargo

 "We LOVE ours!" - Hannah Koch of Minnesota

"Couldn't be happier with mine and I have a ton of people who now want some!" - Sarah Winfield of Canada 

"Before my Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups I had really bad knee problems so bad it was like my knee was going to pop out of place when I rode. At the time I had a cheap Australian pair of aluminum stirrups. I tried the SA Walls Twisted Slanted stirrups but they were crazy heavy, I was tired of them after not even a month. Finally after hearing many great things about Kroes Feet I broke down and had a custom pair made. I was so excited to try them. When I finally got them and put them on my saddle it was like magic, NO more knee pain and they were super light. I have now been riding in them almost two years and WONT ride in anything else. They have been a true life saver, it is hard to ride multiple horses daily when your in so much pain. I WILL be ordering another pair for my newest training saddle. I cant say enough about how great they are and Chelsea Kroes is great to deal with!" - Katie Ballard of Texas

"I tore my hip socket up and decided that I wanted to ride before surgery. You know, because after surgery no riding for 12 weeks!!!! Anyhow, I put my Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups on my saddle and I was SHOCKED at how comfortable I was in the saddle dispute my injured hip. Now that I have had my surgery I look forward to riding in them for continued relief! By the way, my hip socket was completely torn all the way around and the bone had nothing holding it in place.....yeah that bad! But I was able to hold my feet in my stirrups! Not an easy task my friends! But the shape of my Kroes made it easy!" - Rachel Meyers of Texas

 "Easy on the eyes and knees:) love them!!!" - Rebecca Fellman of Oklahoma

" I love mine...took a lot of the stress off my weak ankles... made riding a bit more enjoyable with the pain gone" - April Collins of Pennsylvania

 "When I received my KROES FEET CUSTOM STIRRUPS I had chronic pain in my knees and hips when riding my horse. After just the first ride my hips and knees felt totally different. And it is so much easier to keep my feet in my stirrups.... Before I would loose at least on every run and had a hard time riding without. I love my Kroes Feet. I recommend that everyone get a pair. You will love them. No more twisted knees and out of alignment hips." - Krystal Burris of Texas

"I won 2 sets of these stirrups at UBRA World South this year and I absolutely love them. I just have knee surgery a week and a half ago because of a torn meniscus. I still barrel raced all summer with a hurt knee and I just recently hurt it bad enough to have surgery. Before I won a pair of these stirrups I rode in the stirrups that can with the saddle when I bought it. My knee still hurt to ride but of coarse I sucked it up and rode anyways. After the world show, I decided to try my new stirrups at my Little Britches Rodeo in Medford, Wisconsin. I noticed immediate relief. When we were warming up there was absolutely no pain. After my run, I also realized I was able to kick with my right leg again I absolutely LOVE these stirrups!" - Morgan Franzen of Iowa

"I love mine. They are so comfortable. I have knee and ankle problems not any more thanks to Calvin and Chelsea Kroes. Chance wants a pair also" - Elizabeth Caylor of Indiana

"Curt and I bought ours last spring. I have wanted to get a pair of twisted stirrups for a long time. I had broken my right ankle in 2004 and have had trouble with my right leg/knee since when I rode. (pain, stress, and numbness going up my leg). Chelsea's mom, Christie, had a pair and just raved about them! I looked at them and of course I had seen them when Chelsea had posted several pairs that she had sold. I talked with Curt about them and we decided to try them. I have not had ANY problems SINCE putting them on my saddle! NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO, I think you get the idea. I can not say enough good about these stirrups!!! I thank Calvin for designing them everytime I get on and ride!! Chelsea, I love these stirrups, we will NEVER ride in anything but KROES FEET STIRRUPS!! Thank you!" - Susan Miltner of Iowa

"Love my stirrups, they are very comfortable. I will not ride any other!!! Also, many cool designs and colors to choose from thank you Kroes for making top quality stirrups!" - Blazi Weippert of Oklahoma

"Aside from the absolute comfort you'll experience in your knees and ankles with the Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups; one of the most important features I have found and share with everyone I know is how the stirrups feature correct placement of your feet and for barrel racing you'll NEVER need to band your feet in anymore!!! This is not only less hassle, but so much safer! I used to always drop my right outside foot coming out of 2nd, so I would only band that foot in and since switching it has never come out! Give em a try if you haven't already! I can bet you won't be dissapointed! I own 2 pair for now. And what's not to love when it comes to customization of your brands or initials! - Stefanie Busby of Iowa 

"On trail rides my knees would hurt terribly and I couldnt ride for very long periods. Since using the Kroes stirrups I can ride much longer and no pain! Love them! I need another pair for my other saddle." - Michelle Kempf of Iowa