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Future Fortunes Inc. is the #1 Barrel Racing Incentive Program in the country.

In 2013 there will be 7 FF futurity events & 14 open events. Whats so great about Future Fortunes is there is no entry fee. You pay your regular Open 4D or Futurity entry - but the Future Fortunes side pot is FREE to you ... and only eligible for the FF horses - a fraction of the horses you compete against in the whole...
open or futurity, etc. Just another FREE chance to WIN lots of money!!

They will be paying out over $341,000 in CASH as well as tons and tons of prizes in 2013 alone.

they limit the program to 125 stallions - Perks Firewater Flit happens to be one of them. The reason they limit it is because thats the whole point of keeping it special and rare - keeps the FF horses sought after.

Only these 125 stallions babies are eligible to run for the FF money and each off spring must be paid in. You can get them paid in full as a weanling for only $150 - one fee and they're in for life or you can do the payment plan of $50/year for 5 years - they must be nominated as weanlings even for the payment plan - DONT Miss Deadlines!!

Not only is it awesome while you are competing but also for re sale - More people are seeing what the FF program is and THEY want in on it!! Also the breeder of that FF horse will earn 20% of all FF money won ... so you as a breeder - make sure the stallion you're breeding to is Future Fortunes enrolled! 70% Goes to the Owner.