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November 10, 2009
Made a video to sum up the 2009 Season :)

October 17 - 18, 2009

Hauled Double Galatea and Black Jack Ante down to my friend Kyanne Henkle's house and camped out and watched Winning Runs DVDs. :) We ran Saturday at the last NBHA point show and CKT $500 added Open race in Centerville, Iowa. The arena was a really weird set up... side gate and the fence on first barrel had people/horses standing right on it... lots of people had problems catching first, Including me!! So we had bad first barrels all weekend and Jack made $100 in the 3D. Pippy clocked in the 2D on Sunday just loping to the first barrel! She and I are really starting to get with each other and she is a lot of fun to ride!!

October 9, 2009

Re-Wrapped Dashin For Freedom's leg last night and it looks much better already! He is doing great! So ready to have my boy back!

October 7, 2009

Took Dashin For Freedom to the vet.... his front leg and hock were both swollen... was icing him 2x a day for a week and the hock swelling came all the way down and the front leg almost all the way.... didnt ice for 3 days and the front leg was huge... ended up being a puncture wound!!! The vet said we needed to x-ray and make sure it didnt break his splint bone! THANK GOODNESS the puncture went all the way TO his bone and stopped... any further and it would have broken it. So lucky! I went in yesterday and got some Oral Antibiotic for him and today they gave me an IV antibiotic and a antibiotic to flush down in the puncture everyday until Sunday. Along with re-wrapping his leg everyday. He is off for 10 days. Wont be able to haul him to the last NBHA Show next Saturday... Only need three 1D points to be the Iowa NBHA Open 1D Reserve Champion darn it! Oh well there's always next year... just glad he is going to be okay! We got so lucky!!!

Hauled Double Galatea and the two fillies to laddies tonight for the jackpot. It was a MUD HOLE!!!!! I just loped her through to stay up right and safe - was a good experience to see how she will handle the rodeo ground - she did GREAT! She was like 2nd in the 3D just loping... So we didnt get any 2D Points darn it ( Am winning the 2D for the year end series with 1 more jackpot left by only ONE point ) But thats okay! Just glad we stayed safe and didnt get hurt! :)

September 29, 2009

The horses are all feeling good and running around and playing! :)

September 27, 2009

Took Double Galatea and the two fillies to the Fishers Rodeo in Coggon, Iowa. The fillies both rode around great and Pippy had a really really nice run in the horrible muddy/hard/clumpy pen. The bulls were right up at the fence at the first barrel and distracted her a little but still won the 4th place check!!!

September 26, 2009

Took Double Galatea and the two fillies to laddies little jackpot for fun. Pippy ended up winning the barrels and the poles both... was like the 6th time shes ever even seen the poles. Think she's going to make a really smokin pole horse with some patterning. The fillies both did AWESOME too!

September 23, 2009

Took Double Galatea to laddies for her 2nd run back and cruised through in the 1D!!

September 22, 2009

Put together a cool video of my loves :)

September 12, 2009

Took Black Jack Ante, Dashin For Freedom and Double Galatea to the Tama NBHA show for Double Galatea's first show back and Black Jack Ante's second show back.

Double Galatea and I cruised top of the 2D. Am working on getting our confidence up getting over for second... as you can see it was ugly and slow, but clean! :)

Dashin For Freedom and I had a huge slip on the first barrel and also had problems with the third barrel and we refused to finish it... he was 1 out of the money for the 2D!

Black Jack Ante and I was 4th in the 3D... He sat REALLY hard to turn first ( a stride too soon ) and I wasnt expecting it as it was about 250foot run to the first barrel in a big outdoor pen, anyways... instead of shattering my knee I lifted it up and hung off the side of him and ran TO The fence..... it was ugly! Lol, not sure how he pulled a check but oh well.

They all had GREAT warm-ups and then we had issues during our runs, darn it! But still got some pretty good points!

September 9, 2009

Took Black Jack Ante to laddies for his first run back in almost 6 weeks... just kind of cruised him through and ran 3rd in the 1D!! He really wanted to work!