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December 21, 2008

Made a couple cool remix Videos; one of Jack and one of Cash.

December 11-15, 2008

Well Dustin and I went to the 50th National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had a blast. Got to meet several of my sponsors and meet some professionals. Got my picture with Lisa Lockhartt :) We had a blast and got to stay in an awesome Suite in the Casino Hotel. There was so much shopping it was unreal! I'd love to go back every year! (Start competing would be nice too :)

November 28-30, 2008

Ran Jack at the Columbia, Missouri Barrel Bash with 425+ entries and clocked in the 3D. It was about a 6 hour drive for us and he came up a little stiff sore while being stalled and didn't fire as hard but still ran a second off of Bo Hill, Cody Bausserman and several other professional barrel racers from Oklahoma and surrounding states.

November 21-22, 2008

Took Jack over to the BBR Barrel Race in Sterling, Illinois and had two nice runs. We were in the 1D Saturday and ran a tenth of a second faster Sunday and pulled a 2D Check. Was very happy with him.

November 2, 2008

Took Cash over to an outdoor in Solon, Iowa and worked him on keeping his butt up under him and staying off the barrels - as you can see he's getting there.... 2 out of 3. :)

October 30, 2008

Took Pippy and Cash over to an indoor in Center Point, Iowa and worked them both. Tried Pippy in a hack and didn't like that all that much. Cash is doing better and better everytime.

October 24-26, 2008

Took Jack to the Sherburn, Minnesota barrel bash and ran a 15.0 both days which was top of the 2D both days - just out of the money. We are gaining more speed to the first barrel - still not full boar yet, but half a second off the 2008 WPRA Great Lakes Circuit Champion, Tammy Whyte - I was very very pleased with that.




















154   KIM HANSEN FIREWATER CHASER       14.96    
84   KAY GUNDERSON Easy Quest Ta Fame STILLWATER MN       14.98    
116   KIM  RIEGE Requested Drifter DEERFIELD WI     1 14.994 2D1 $628.00
36   JILL PETERSEN Sunday's Day Clean BERNARD  IA       15.005 2 $523.00
38 1957 SUE AHLGREN FLIT N DOCS REINMAN DARWIN MN   15.048 6 $183.00
101 4461 JILL BRADBURN HONOR ELL COMET ELKO MN     1 15.051 7 $130.00
24   SANDRA  BRANDLI DOC  MAUSTON WI       15.054 8 $104.00
57 4428 FAYE SCHULER King Reb Bars ZEARING IA     1 15.065    

78 2714 JODIE O'BRYAN PC RED NICKLE 1 BELVIDERE SD 14.486 2 $646.00
84 3645 KATIE PAIGE Sharkey Silver Jet   CEDAR FALLS IA     14.507 3 $511.00
22   TYLER  HILL Sixarun Ryan   GRAND RIDGE IL     14.527 4 $376.00
106 1668 MARY ANN EVITT NO SOCKS FROST   CORYDON IA 14.536 5 $242.00
70 4736 LAURA CARTER Whisky Playmate 1 ORR MN     14.629 6 $134.00
112   LAURIE VIAENE SUGARS NINNEKAH 1     14.673    
31   MEGAN PORTIS On the Red Honor   NORA SPRINGS IA     14.705    
116   MELITA KNAPPER HAYLEYS DANCER       14.744    
90   SANDRA  BRANDLI earl town bug   MAUSTON WI     14.745    
126   VICKI DITTMER WHISTLE FOR BUGS       14.749    
87 4428 FAYE SCHULER King Reb Bars 1 ZEARING IA     14.79    

October 18, 2008

Took Pippy to a small barrel race at the Lazy L Rodeo grounds and just kind of cruised her through working on the fundamentals and even placed second.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Went to the Molly Raim benefit rodeo today and pulled a check for 4th place. Jack is running harder - his barrels weren't as pretty but we still clocked. Dustin also got a 4th place check in the bull riding at the benefit rodeo.

September 30-October 1, 2008

This weekend was the Waterloo Barrel Bash. I was very very happy with how well Odee ran. He ran a in the 2D against Julie Meyer (7th in the WPRA World Standings) as well as Mesa Leavitt - Multiple World Champion but I sat too early and pulled over third. Jack also ran well - ran in the 2D on Friday and then won me a 3D check Saturday with a so-so run. But Moneys Money, right? And we had some tough tough competition!!

September 14th, 2008 - September 15th, 2008

Pulled Pippy out of the pasture after her 2 1/2 month time off and hauled her, Odee and Jack to the NBHA 05 Show at Dahlens in Iowa City, Iowa. Jack ended up running almost the exact same time both days and was in the 1D. Odee clocked in the 2D and I exhibitioned Pippy Saturday and rode her around the arena that night - she was really really hot and nervous so we just tried to relax her and do some slow work. I entered her in the Open on Sunday and we ran top of the 3D just kind of high loping. I was really happy with all three of them!

September, 2008

Took all four horses to the vet and got their maintenance done, new shoes, chiropractic and their teeth floated and everyone's feeling pretty good.

September 1, 2008

Cash's first weekend of being entered and he pulled a check in the 3D. Pretty good for only one of his first races

August, 2008.

Took Jack and Odee to the Lazy L Youth Rodeo and it was super muddy. Odee was 3rd in the Barrels and slipped pretty bad on third. Jack was smoking in the poles too. Was happy with them.

Also hauled to the Central City Open Show and Odee had the 3rd fastest time of the whole night but we tipped third. I was very happy with him, he was firing hard.

August 3, 2008

Went to a Iowa Barrel Racing Association race in Brandon and Odee won the 2D. The ground was very deep and he was a little sore but still clocked.

July, 2008

Took Cash to the Ed Wright clinic - Ed had a lot of nice things to say about Cash and liked the way he worked. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Worked Odee in the round pen and did some brideless riding.

Also made a cool video of Pippy and Cash.

June 4-6, 2008

We had our Iowa NBHA State Show this weekend and overall wasn't the greatest. I had Odee entered for the Youth and Open and he ended up getting a really bad cold about 4 days before and I ended up scratching the second day. He did clock in the 2D but we tipped third. Jack clocked top of the 2D also but we tipped second. Between the three horses I ran - I knocked more barrels this weekend than I have the last 3 seasons combined. Lesson Learned - can't run sick horses! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2008

Went to the first NBHA show of the year and Odee ran in the 2D against Sammy Vorhies and OP Dashin Sammy. He ran very well for the first run of the season.

April, 2008.

Trying to get with my mare... she is so fast and snappy and turns different than anything I've ever ridden; as you can see - she doesn't need help finishing her turns :)

Thursday, Apr 17, 2008

Things have been very busy. Had wrist surgery last Friday... in a brace - not supposed to be riding- but am taking it easy and being careful. I havent wrote in about 2 weeks... everybody is doing good though. Perks had her first birthday on sunday :) She sure is getting big! Got everybody wormed yesterday and everybodys getting in shape.

I am going to Teresas tonight to make a run on Pippy before I run her Saturday in Deep River!

Monday, Apr 7, 2008

I go in for surgery on Friday for my wrist ... that'll be interesting. I'm going to need lots of tape on top of my brace so I can keep the ponies working good! Lol.

Sunday, Mar 16, 2008

Yesterday me and mom went riding - first I rode Odee and she rode Hawk for about an hour and a half. Odee did awesome - about 200lbs overweight! haha! Hawk did really good. We then went back and I picked up my Dash For Perks colt, Cash. He did AWESOME! He has really matured a lot since last fall!! He is doing so much better and has so so so much talent! I can't wait to get him going this year! We would've won the saddle bronc riding though - holy crap can that horse hop!!! A buck, spin, rear, buck - take off then plant on his front end and jump straight up! Holy crap! lol. I have no idea how I stay on him! lol. As all this is happening my mom goes loping by and I am finally like "Mom, did you just see my horse?" she repies "Yes, I did...You really sit him good, there was no light between your butt and the saddle." lol Cash is so athletic and is so fast!! He loves to run! Hes going to make a champion!

Today me and mom are going out to Ride Pippy and Jack! It should be fun! Pippy is doing so well - I am really excited to get her on the pattern!!

Write more later .... Chels

Saturday, Mar 15, 2008

 Things have been going sooo well lately. I've ridden Pippy 3 times in the last 4 or 5 days and everyday she just gets quieter and quieter.

A couple days ago Dustin rode Odee and while walking spun around on him and rode him backwards for about 25 minutes - Odee is so awesome - I think unless some little girl falls in love with him and I just CANT tell her no ... Hes going to be with me forever! :)

Pippy is doing so well, I can't believe it. She was way out of whack when I first got her and I think we got all her issues addressed and she is feeling well!

Quila stepped on a thorn that went about an inch into her foot that Dustin had to pull out! Ouch!! Yesterday she went with me again and treed a raccoon and chased some deer - it was a good experience for Pippy!

I spent 2 hours in the barn yesterday before I rode just hanging out, cleaning the tack room, organizing things, just relaxing. It feels good to be out with the ponies and just kick back. Quila tried helping me clean! :) haha.

I am about to go out now and massage Pippy and go for a ride... then get Perks out and mess with her - get her used to the massager :) I also got hobbles last night at John's sale we went and helped with in DeWitt... it was fun. I am going to teach them all to be hobble broke... just in case the situation ever arrised. I think I'll get my rope out and start swinging it around Perks - roping her legs, butt, neck, etc.

Well, I believe that's all...   Ride Hard And Keep The Faith!!

Monday, Mar 10, 2008

I took Pippy to the Kirkwood Open show Saturday night and worked her and practiced flying lead changes and just loped some nice slow circles - she is doing much better and is keeping her cool!

Yesterday my mom and I took Perks and Tanner ( yearling and 2 year old ) to the show to get some experience -went pretty well for the most part - first time off the farm for Perks - 2nd for Tanner. Everybody loved Perks and she did really well. Had a pretty good time ... came home and gave the big horses a big bale - turned Perks, Tanner and Pippy out with the big horses - they've been penned by themelves and they love it all being out together - it is a pain in the butt trying to feed them (the 3 get fed twice a day instead of just once) but it is well worth it!

Class today got out an hour early so that was nice - I went over to John's and got some pictures of his buckskin gelding I am putting on the internet -he sure is a looker!!! He is going to make somebody a really really nice barrel horse!!!

Well, thats all for now...

Chelsea Tanner

Ready for the Rodeo Season to Begin! -Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008

I am so ready! I cant even wait! I got my new massager from EQUISPORTS Massagers and it is amazing. Pippy fell asleep while I was using it on her and I could FEEL the difference in her muscles after I was done. Heck, I even used it on myself! I am so glad to be a part of the EQUISPORTS Massagers team! :)

Dont stop kickin til the clock stops tickin

-Chelsea Tanner

Good News! - Thursday, Feb 28, 2008

Well, I just found out I got the highest score in my whole class on my Equine Nutrition test! I was only one of two who got A's on the test too! So that was good news - not only did I do well, but I am learning so much!!

Pippy is lookin nice and strong - ready to run. I hope we click and start running some mean set of cans! She is such a nice mare and we are going to do some real damage together! I can't wait!!

Rode the Pipster today!! - Sunday, Feb 3, 2008

We accomplished a lot and improved on several things... it was fun! John picked me up since Im scared to drive on my road in this weather and its a good thing - it took us 4 tries and a long "run" to make it up the hill on my gravel road! I just love John and Chy!! :)

We also sold bandit to a very nice family in colfax!! Yay! good luck Nobles!

-4, snowy and windy! - Monday, Jan 21, 2008

This weather thing stinks... but I think the ponies are enjoying their time off!! I cant wait to start hitting the rodeo trail and running hard this year! I am running at youth world in Mississippi again - which is super exciting!! didnt know if I was going to or not... might try to find another wild card to buy and take two horses!! Who knows.

The tack swap meet is this weekend... all day, both days - I have like 9 boxes of tack though so it'll be worth it! :)

I got my new sponsorship stuff from Things That Bling LLC and they are completely gorgeous! Very impressed! thanks again Paula!

When you think things are looking bad... Friday, Jan 11, 2008

They just get worse. Tonight we debated whether to take the big 4h lq trailer or the 2h bp - I didnt think my big horse would load so was planning on taking the 4h ... well thank god I reallythought about it and took the 2h... on the way home our gravel road is slicker than snot... about 3 weeks ago the school bus slid down the hill backwards... well tonight there are pot holes EVERYWHERE - so if you go very fast it flings you in the ditch.. and if youdont go fast you spin out trying to get up the hill - well... we sure spun out alright... slid down the hill backwards, jack knifed in the middle of the road - the whole time I'm thinking my horse wiill break her leg if we go in the ditch. So I finally get it stopped and not sliding and I get my horse out and have my mom take her to the top of the hill where she is standing to make sure no cars are coming with a big light.. well my neighbor tries to pull us out with his dodge - gets us unjack-knifed and straight then he goes in the ditch... he un hoooks it and gets himself out of the ditch - comes back and tries again - our other neighbor comes behind us and follows me in her truck so I can lead pippy home - it was about a mile or two and the whole time pippy is on top of me (I think she actually trusted me) b/c she was sliding all over the place. - which is good - we havent really bonded.. anyways.... I almost make it home and they're coming over the hill.... No harm to the truck, trailer or other neighbors truck and most importantly nobody was hurt including pippy and quila.

Its been a heck of a week. Our gravel road is terrible - they do no maintence no matter how many times we and the school call - its bad.

Anyways - Thank God nobody was hurt and my horses and the trailer and parked until the ice goes away!

Everybody be careful

Got to Ride The Pipster today... Saturday, Jan 5, 2008

Today its up to 40 degrees from 7! lol. Pippy is coming back from her winter "time off" and is being legged up again. We are running in Sterling, Ill. this weekend if the weather is good. I'm excited to get Pippy seasoned this year. She really is a nice mare and I love her style, she is very fun to ride.

My mom had a hysterectomy yesterday and came home today - is in a lot of pain - which isn't good, but she has time off work to recover and doesn't have to deal with other issues anymore! yay!

quila and wrangler loved the trail ride today - they were running and playing in the snow, chasing deer and phesants. A nice quiet trail ride today was very good for pippy to get her out and let her mind relax, it was very fun and I can feel us bonding closer and closer everyday.

The Weather sucks! - Thursday, Dec 20, 2007

I havent been able to ride in forever it seems like! Tonight we are hauling to Tracy and Teresas in Center Point, IA to use their indoor. John is coming to pick me and my mom up so we dont have to drive the trailer on these roads. lol! What a nice guy, huh?? Anyways - I get to try Pippy out in her new bit, FINALLY!!!

We're supposed to be running at Sterling, IL this Saturday.. but the weather doesn't look too promising! 

Today's Feed Sponsorships... Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007

Well today the Nutrena lady came out.. looked at the horses, looked at my hay and made me a sponsorship offer. It was a pretty nice offer in fact. She gave me two nutrena hats to wear and a HUGE Nutrena banner she wants me to take to shows and hang up to promote for them. Also talked about making some clothes for me to sport around with Nutrenas logo on them...    I am very interested in working with Lara and Nutrena!! Purina called today and wants to come out also and talk to me about what kind of a sponsorship they can offer me. So he's coming out December 4th to talk. So we'll see how that goes!!

Everybody's doing good... it snowed for the first time today... its cold too! Yuck!