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I am a stickler when it comes to conformation pictures. Everyone always comments how I have such great photos so figured I'd make a page on how I do the angles and set up for my pictures.

Most important - Side View

I really like to see the inside front leg slightly forward - I feel like it really shows off the shoulder length of the horse and how the neck ties in. I like the inside rear leg to be slightly behind - feel like it shows off the hip definition and gaskin as well as really shows the length of back vs underline. I like the head to be looking straight forward (ears up if possible!) or slightly to the inside toward camera - but not to far you can't see neck length. Make sure its at its natural height - not down eating or not up looking at something.

I also think being right in the middle of the horses tummy is what you want - if you get too far back their butt looks big and head looks tiny... if you're too far forward the head looks huge and butt looks small. I like to be looking level - not crouched down making horse look huge or taking picture from above and making horse look small.




Front View -

I like their legs to be square even so it shows how straight they are. Also is a good way to show how thick the horse is.

Rear View -

I like the legs together and tail sitting right down the middle. Very hard to get if theres any wind. Shows how their hocks sit and the strength of gaskin. Also shows the the stifle very well!

(this picture is pretty good but would be better if left rear was forward 4 inches)


3/4 view - I like the head looking at me - still like the inside front forward and inside rear a little back! Really shows the gaskin and shoulder!

Head Shot -