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Cash's injury August 3, 2013

We were in Iowa for our wedding reception and my good friend Monica who was house sitting and taking care of chores called me hysterically. Cash didn't come up with everyone and she frantically went looking for him ... found him off by himself where it looked like he had been laying in a pool of blood, he was standing but very weak, could hardly walk and was shaking. He looked very dehydrated and his leg and chest were ripped open horribly.   I told her she had to get him in the trailer one way or another as he wouldn't make it through the night left out on the pasture ... heck he'd been eaten by coyotes.  So she got him loaded and got him to the Emergency Vet at 11pm Saturday night.


We arent sure if he was attacked by a cougar, wild dogs, etc but it resulted in being tore up and ran through a fence.

**Treating With**
For the first month I was cold hosing, peeling the scabs off and re applying medicine twice a day. At the beginning of September the scabs started getting very hard to peel off in the PM so I started not pulling them off at night and in the morning (when humidity came back over night) the scabs would just sluff off. 
I am doctoring with Vetricyn, Blue Pearl (a concoction the vet made) & Pink Lady
We are feeding him our great ground feed and he is turned out in the yard during the day with as much green grass as he wants, has access to bermua, crab, wheat and alfalfa hay but mainly just grazes the green grass.
For the feed thru supplements he is on the Animal Element's Performance Detox and Product X. (We carry both of these and obviously VERY much believe in them!!!
We are using the Pony Plate also for Equine Vibration Therapy and think its really helping him!
All around Hydro also made an AWESOME hydro unit for him that we use!
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Video from day 1 to Aug 20

 August 19

August 18

 Loping across the back pasture..

August 17

August 16

 August 15


After 30 min on the Pony Plate in the afternoon



August 14

August 13 - AM


Here is a video of Cash after we trimmed his feet


  August 12

August 11

Here is the wound after 5 min on the PONY PLATE - pulling all that gunk out!

25 minutes on the plate ... created lots of blood flow and circulation!

August 11 - PM

August 10

Cash using his new Hydro Therapy Equipment!

August 9

 August 8


August 7

  August 6 - day I brought him home

 August 3

When she found him at 8pm

After the vet cleaned it up