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2010 Accomplishments (12 races so far): $2456

November 12 - 14

Went to the Sherburn, Minnesota Barrel Bash and Cash won 2nd in the 1D on Friday night!! His time was the 3rd fastest time of the whole weekend!!!

November 5 - 7

American Royal Barrel Race in Kansas City, MO

Was our first weekend back in 6 weeks - was a little rusty! Ran in the 2D.

September 22 - 25

We left from Renea's down to PJ Burgers in Oklahoma before the Jud Little Bar Nothin Barrel Bash Started; I had a blast with PJ.

First night we had a 15.975 which I thought was okay... the ground is way different and felt like we had some problems getting out of the ground. He got lucky and won 5th in the 3D with that run.

Thursday had another 15.967 and was middle of the 2D.

Saturday hit 2nd :(

Got to meet Mary Burger also :)

Got to meet Brittany Pozzi

September 17 - 19

We were home for 4 days and then headed to Renea Bolling's Dash For Cash race. It is a small indoor - running to a wall at 2nd barrel,... which wasnt good for mister loves to turn. So first night we ended up tipping 2nd n 3rd and loped home bottom of the 1D -- I was like hmm.. I think he feels good!

Saturday morning I was really working on NOT pulling his head away going into 2nd and 3rd thanks to my friend Dionne for yelling at me... :) His rein flipped over his head at 2nd barrel but he kept on going... ended up winning the go round by 2 tenths... and ended up 6th for the overall weekend.

Saturday night he was really firing. He had a flawless 13.853 and my saddle slipped and I tried fixing it half way home. He won the go round by 4 tenths and there was only 1 other person in the 1D that go round. He ended up winning the whole overall weekend by two tenths on this run!

Sunday morning had a smoking first and second and had some rider error on third barrel. Still posted a 14.267 - was 4th in the go round and 10th overall for the weekend.

September 10 - 12

We went to Edinburgh, Indiana for a big Future Fortunes event. Friday night was a $1000 added Open race and Cash and I ran middle of the 1D with Troy Crumrine and Hoosier Fame Winning it!! I was sooo proud of Cash!!

Saturday in the Future Fortunes round I was so worried about keeping 2nd up I asked for way too much pocket and lost quite a bit of time. We won 3rd in the 3D for Future Fortunes and made $322.

August 13 - 15

  Cash ran in there and SMOKED a 14.583 - winning 4th in the 1D out of 300 Entries; behind Mesa Leavitt, Jordon Talbot and Darcie Hoffman! We are ecstatic! He added another $327 to his total earnings and a super nice bronc halter!

Iowa NBHA State Finals -

Iowa NBHA State - 2nd Go - Cash ran in and beat our personal fastest time with a 14.948 and won 6th in the 2D. Bringing home $160 and a bucket full of prizes.

July 10 - 11

Took Cash to the Big J Barrel Blast in Waterloo, Iowa and had a very good weekend. Saturday we had a great run going and my rein flipped over his head at the 2nd barrel and we ran the rest of the pattern with both reins on one side! He did great! We were sitting 3rd in the 2D until the last 5 riders when Mesa Leavitt bumped up the fast time and then we were knocked down to just out of the 2D Money -- but I was very happy with his run! :)

Sunday he had ground trouble leaving third and still clocked 2 tenths faster. He ended up running the 16th fastest of the day and was just out of the 2D money again!

June 25 - 27

Cash cut his shoulder open and had to have stitches - he hadnt been rode but FOUR Times since BBR finals end of April before the Kirkwood barrel bash. He was fat and out of shape and I ended up taking him to the vet after the race to find out he was sore in his hocks also! But he ran super well and tried really hard.

Friday he ran a 15.008 (a personal best for us) but I barely pulled down the 3rd barrel. It would have been TOP of the 2D - a 14.4 won it. We clocked the 35th fastest of the barrel bash - pretty happy with that being fat and out of shape! :)

Saturday was the Future Fortunes side pot. All I cared about was being clean! We ended up running a 15.110 and was mid 2D. Still was in the top 50 out of 300+ barrel racers and it was a TOUGH barrel bash. We ended up 2nd in the 2D for Future Fortunes and made $467.50.

3 day video -

April 2 - 4

Dashin For Freedom lights it up for his first runs of the season! He hadn't seen the pattern since September 2009 and he ran the 19th fastest at Kirkwood Sunday out of 142+ entries!

He also won $213 Friday night with a nice run!