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2009 Accomplishments (hauled 4 months total - 23 Shows):

Cash being Cash...

Some 2009 Season Videos :)



Took Cash to the Iowa NBHA All District Barrel Race at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for his 23rd barrel race. He ended up running the 19th fastest of the Whole open (170+ Entries) Against 4 WORLD CHAMPIONS; Mesa Leavitt, Maddie Montchal, Julie Erkamaa and Julie Meyer. He won the 4th in the 2D Check and made $165. I was tickled pink with him and still have lots of room to improve!!


Oh the madness of 4th of July Rodeos!!! Started out at Bloomfield, Iowa IRCA Rodeo - Ran .5 tenths off out of over 85 girls with a bad first barrel and running slack at 1AM!

Then went on to the Leon, Iowa IRCA Rodeo. "The Biggest Rodeo In Iowa" With over 120 girls! And Of Course we were in the Performance! He handled it GREAT!


We entered the Trekfest Rodeo in Riverside, Iowa and ended up Winning the Rodeo Performance and ended up 2nd overall! It was a nice $234 check for his 15th competition run :)

Hauled to Adel, Iowa the IRCA Rodeo. It was our first rodeo and the interstate flooded and we got there VERY late and didnt get to ride in the pen before hand - the bucking chutes are right behind the first barrel so I was worried he'd spook so I just cruised to the first. He ended up running .5 tenths off all the pro girls!! He was JUST out of the money!! 14th Run ever!

Went to the District 5 NBHA Show in Bloomfield for his 12th show and he won 5th in the 1D!!!!


Went to the NBHA District 3 & 5 Show at Dahlens in Iowa City, Iowa for his 8th show. He loped top of the 3D with 105+ Entries.

Took him to his 4th show of his life just for exposure. It was the NBHA District 2, 3 and 5 combined show - there were 175+ Entries and he loped through and clocked in the 2D!!!!


Took Cash to the small clinic at Lazy L that Teresa Baumgardener and Tracy Milota put on - it was a fundraiser for our club so figured hey why not! Cash did great. Was his first time seeing the barrels since that previous November when he was loping the pattern.