Runnin C Performance Horses

Ride with Pride



Cash was advertised on Dream Horse and I found him in June 2006 and called about going to see him. When we got there we told us he hadn't been rode since July 2005 - that wasn't what we were expecting but we had already drove 6 hours south to go see him. I fell in love with him. He was a jerk though - wouldn't pick up his feet for me to pick them out, tried bucking me off the whole time, wouldn't take his right lead and was just grumpy.

Spent the weekend at their barn just getting to know him and bond a little bit :)

We stayed there for 3 days and went and watched the PRCA rodeo and stayed in a nice little hotel in California, Missouri. The last day to the local rodeo grounds in Versailles to see how he was on the pattern. Well.... the bucking continued and he couldnt hardly lope circles, let alone the pattern. He was really front endy - even at a trot, Id get to the barrel and he'd come to a stop and sling his butt. Boy was he going to be a lot of work!!

And we brought him home :)