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Cash was a trouble maker since the day he was born.  Freedom was over due 2 weeks and ended up foaling around 9:00pm. He couldn't figure out how to nurse - He kept sticking his nose to far up into her past her udder.  I worked with him all night, I could get his mouth on a teat and he would start to nurse and then move.  Finally at 6:00  Dr. Houstma made it and drew blood to see if he had any antibodies and then we tubed him.  Well you would think almost 12 hours old and nothing in his belly he would be getting weak.  It took both two people to get him down! He was feisty.  They got the tube in his belly ran it up over his head, between his ears and down over his neck, duck taped it in place.  They made a pump and hand pumped Freedom every 3 hours, one cup, for 24 hours. Dr. Houstma came back and we did another tube of blood to see if he got his antibodies, all was good. They took a big sweatshirt, cut it off at the elbows and put a slit at the neck and put it on him as a blanket. He was real black with a mouse Grey belly.  He just kind of always has been a pest.  Dr. Houstma said he looked like black giraffe he had such long legs. He was a very independent guy.  Most babies stay pretty close to their for the first few weeks, not Cash he would be at the far end of the lot doing his own thing.

In June, at two months of age Cash and Freedom were attacked by a mountain lion at their farm. They found them all torn up and with Cash's neck hanging off of him. They had the vet out right away and started taking care of him!

Cash was the result of shipped semen of Dash For Perks by the Lady Bug Stallion Station in 2000. Little ol Cash was born on April 16th, 2001.